One story per week for forty weeks from our CEO, program participants, and community partners sharing the impact NAPCA has had on their lives and communities.

Introduction with CEO Joon Bang
“There’s so much beauty and richness in the journeys and stories we are about to share.”

Luz Ramos
“I enjoy my work. I help everyone who needs help who comes here.”

Lawrence Wong
“How are we going to make it better for everyone?”

Kwong Sun Man
“I think this program is really beneficial for the seniors”

Ninfa Cook
“I found a family and I am grateful.”

Richard Ng
“You must work very hard. You must use your whole heart to do your training.”

Jacob Chacko
“Life itself is a decision making process. We make decisions every day.”

Jia Tong Jiang
“I like to help improve the health and lives of children and everyone else.”

Simamao Lee Casper
“This is my first chance to work and I’m very proud of it. I’m happy to have this work, especially at my age.”

Sothy Neou
“I’m making the community better… My hope returned.”

Min Ja Cho
“If you do your job in a genuine manner, from the heart, they immediately notice it.”

Leticia Idio
“I feel younger because I am happy with what I’m doing.”

Daniel Tsou
“I hope to continue work… the young people at the office are kind.”

Carmen Mendones
“I’m a hard-working woman! [NAPCA] helps the seniors; it’s hard for us to apply to companies.”

Hofman Li
“You should give first. Don’t think about what you can take.”

Sannalung Souratha
“The people build me up a lot. I feel better and healthy. Without NAPCA, I don’t know what to do.”

Phoung Nguyen
“I like the work and seeing other seniors. I feel like I belong in a big family.”

Tess Quan
“NAPCA gave me the chance… especially your rapport with your office mates, they have changed my outlook. “

Wah Kwong
“I enjoy helping people with interpretation. I’d like to work as long as I can.”

Manuel Cunanan
“We would like to think that we can still be productive citizens.”

Li Yi Li
“I can say I have one year experience working in office. I am happy because I like this job.”

Syed M Ahmed
“Whatever we have learned in life so far, that could be of some use to this younger generation.”

Kyoo Won Lee
“I would advise young people… just try something otherwise your body gets older and older, so stay young.”

Cora McDonnell
“I applaud NAPCA for its great program of giving job training for seniors.”

Vannavy Nguyen
“I want to serve my community as long as I can.”

Xiao Jun Chen
“I want to share my knowledge with young intellectuals.”

Zhiqiang Wu
“I am very thankful that NAPCA SCSEP has supported my new career path.”

You Xing Zhao
“I am thankful for NAPCA SCSEP and KCS for giving me the opportunity.”

Feiming Tan
“Working with the children makes me happy.”

Alberto Juan 
“Having the seniors feel important, and making them laugh make my day already, so I cannot ask for more.”

BingTsun Yeung
“I am thankful that NAPCA SCSEP has supported me to take care of myself and my family.”

Jane Galazo
“NAPCA gives an environment to relate with other seniors.”

Jieren Zhan
“NAPCA program gave me the opportunity to get to know different kind of people and share knowledge with them.”

Jerry Liu
“I learned to be a good scientist and contribute to the community and society.”

Hoa Johnston
“NAPCA and the SEE program have been a big contributor to my happiness and well-being.”

Sarah Kim
“Even my age, I feel still young because I can work…now I am completely independent and strong enough that’s the most important thing.”

Pablo Rosas
“I am thankful that I found NAPCA because through the job training…I was able to get a job with benefits.”

YongChao Li
“I am making detailed plans for my future through NAPCA’s SCSEP.”

Cecilia Wu
“My Cantonese, Mandarin, and English was an asset… I can open my heart and help people.”

Can Tran
“I am happier now and NAPCA’s SCSEP has been a significant factor in this.”

Linh Tran
“If you keep working hard and help others, and allow others to help you, you can still make it!”