Jerry Liu

jerry liu lab photo

This story is from a current enrollee in NAPCA’s Senior Environmental Employment (SEE) program in Research Triangle Park (RTP), North California.

Jerry J. Liu
SEE Enrollee, North California

I grew up in Southwest China in a mountainous region. I worked as a farmer and as a factory worker under the Cultural Revolution, which happened when I was in middle school.  I later  enrolled as a special student in a medical college, and eventually earned a master’s degree in Pharmacology there, and worked in a traditional medicine institute for five years.

In 1987, I came to the United States as a visiting scholar at the University of Kansas Medical Center, where I earned my PH.D. At that time, I did not experience any culture shock, thanks to the warmest people in Kansas! I worked at the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences in Research Triangle Park for two years, and then moved back to Kansas City where I took early retirement in 2015. I became a SEE enrollee doing laboratory work at the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) back at RTP, NC.  Because English is not my first language, it is always a challenge to improve my English pronunciation.

I am happy that in the United States, I learned to be a good scientist and contribute to the community and society. I am thankful that the Senior Environmental Employment (SEE) program has allowed me to continue to do laboratory work through EPA, and to feel a sense of accomplishment.  NAPCA has helped me a lot, and to keep me busy after retirement is very helpful.

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