Jia Tong Jiang

Photo of Jia

This story appears from NAPCA’s Senior Voices archive, from 2009. These stories are part of NAPCA’s history supporting AAPI seniors.

Jia Tong Jiang

Born October 1946 near Shanghai, China
Arrived March 15, 2008, Boston, Massachusetts
Office Assistant, Tufts Medical Center

I graduated from Guangzhou University. I studied medicine and nursing there. Nursing and pharmacology. I used to work in a hospital. My job was to see patients, diagnose them and teach them about programs to prevent them from having health problems.

I like to help improve the health and lives of children and everyone else. In 1966, I was studying to be a nurse. I worked as a nurse for about 10 years. Then after that, they needed a doctor. I was already studying on my own and taking exams. So then, I became a doctor.

After I retired, I came here to Boston on March 15th, 2008, to help my daughter. The weather here is different from Guangzhou. Over there, it’s always pretty warm, not so cold. There’s no winter, no snow. It was difficult to get around Boston in the snow. But I like the blue skies and the white clouds. I like the sun. I like the clean air and water.

I work at Tufts Medical Center. I am an assistant helping with medical insurance. I work with the computer, the phone, scheduling appointments. I enjoy it.

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