Richard Ng

Richard Ng

This story appears from our archives, dated October 30, 2009. Join us each week as we share a story from our archives, a story from our current enrollees, or a video to celebrate 40 years of service.

Ka Kit “Richard” Ng
Born February 1953, Shantou (Swatow) Canton, China
Arrived June 2008, San Francisco, California

I’m just a newcomer actually. I came here since last year – June of 2008. I came directly with my family, my wife and my daughter.

I had been visiting to the States several times. I just love the weather here. I love it. Because in Hong Kong, wet and hot. I just don’t feel comfortable.

In Hong Kong, I am working as a shop owner for a locksmith company. This kind of business depends very much on the property market. In the past 10 years, I think, my business maybe not very good. It’s not very stable. And then, at that time, I find out I can immigrate to the States. Then I feel, oh, that may be a good chance. Then make me closing down the shop and then immigrate to here, just like that.

I just worry about maybe difficult for me to get a job because in Hong Kong, we are not speak English often. I hire about 10 locksmiths. The locksmiths, most of them, they don’t know English. I can speak some English because all my customers, they are employees from overseas. So I have to communicate with them so I can get business.

When I arrived to the States, I feel completely different, even speaking English. It’s really different than Hong Kong English. Maybe our English is England English.

Sometimes, even a simple word, I cannot understand. Maybe they talking too fast. I don’t understand. I’m really scared of that, you see? So when I arrived, I thinking, “How can I get a job?” The English is not so good, and then I have no skills to do something. Even change a lock in Hong Kong, I’m not the one to do it.

One of my friends tell me that Self Help for the Elderly have this training program. So I will try. I’m lucky. You know why? Because I’m just 55 years old. If, otherwise, I’m not qualified to join this program, right? I’m 55 years old, so I can, I can! So I will try, just like that.

I am assistant property manager at Mercy Housing with NAPCA SCSEP. They move in, move out, annual re-certification, to maintain the work order, to collect the rent – actually, it’s quite a lot. I enjoy it. I keep learning. They train me for the paperwork. I’m in the training in Mercy Housing one year. They teach me. I learn quite a lot.

I think here it’s a big country. For me, I just feel very comfortable, satisfied. In this country, maybe give us more freedom. But since I’m new, I cannot explain too many things because I’m still looking. I’m still looking.

I won’t be going back. I will stay here. That is my last choice. I love it, I love it. Since now, I get a job, that is an extra bonus. At this moment, I feel happy. Sometimes, you need to know what is your situation. If you really want to get a job to support your living and people give you a chance, you must catch it. You must learn. You must work very hard. You must use your whole heart to do your training. Otherwise, no people can help you.

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