Xiao Jun Chen

Xiao Jun Chen

This story appears from our archives of Senior Voices publications. NAPCA first shared Xiao Jun’s story in 2009.

Xiao Jun Chen
Born 1934, Fujian Province, China
Arrived June, 2005, Chicago, Illinois
Administrative Aide, Chinese American Service League, Chicago

I grew up and studied in China. I got my Ph.D. in engineering, which I researched about the generator for the fuel, power plant, and nuclear power plant. In my early career, I worked as a teacher, but after I moved to Shanghai, I worked in a nuclear power plant. The majority of my work was to analyze the risk of the nuclear power plant.

In 1993, I came to the United States with my wife through my daughter to finish my research and get a patent. I engaged in research work at the same time learning pneumatic tools. Even though I was retired, I continued to work so that I can share my knowledge with young intellectuals and possibly train the Chinese manufacturers.

Participating in the NAPCA program helped me financially, and learning new computer skills. Through the program, I learned more about Microsoft Office, especially MS Access, which helped me manage exchanges and evaluations. The program is right for seniors if they want to do a part-time job. I always like to learn something new and practice it in the given opportunity.

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