You Xing Zhao

Mr. You Xing Zhao

This story is from a current enrollee in NAPCA programs in New York, NY.

You Xing Zhao
Arrived 2006
Janitorial assistant, Korean Community Services, New York

You Xing Zhao emigrated from China to the United States 11 years ago. With limited English proficiency and job experience in the United States, it was even more challenging to find a job. However, he did not give up hope. He learned about NAPCA SCSEP(Senior Community Service Employment Program) through his friend. In 2017, You Xing enrolled in the program, which trained him to become a janitorial assistant. In addition to job skills, he learned speaking English so that he could communicate better with his supervisor and other staff.  

After completing one year of his job training, Korean Community Services(KCS) hired You Xing as a part-time staff. You Xing is thankful for the NAPCA SCSEP and KCS for giving him the opportunity and that he can support himself. He enjoys work and continues to learn more job and language skills so that he could keep the relationship with KCS. 

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