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Affiliate Network

National Leadership Among AAPI-serving Organizations

NAPCA is providing national leadership by building an Affiliate Network, or AFN, of organizations across the United States that work on behalf of AAPI older adults and their families.  Our goal is to strengthen the mutual delivery of services to preserve and promote the dignity, well-being and quality of life of AAPI’s as they age.

In fiscal year 2016, NAPCA partnered with over 420 local nonprofits in seven states to foster economic security among low-income, unemployed AAPI older adults aged 55 years and older. 
As we work to expand our service portfolios, we look to formalize and expand our affiliate network to partner with diverse organizations. Join us in making a difference in the lives of AAPI older adults!

What it Means to be a Part of the AFN


Gain access to NAPCA’s research, aging data trends and information, and new products and services.


Grant opportunities, facilitated peer introduction, including information about upcoming conferences, and in-language resource materials.


Civic engagement and policy support, technical assistance resource training, and social media cross postings.

Growing Our Network

Help us develop the AFN by completing a short survey to share your thoughts on what service portfolios your organization would be interested in exploring, and how the AFN could benefit you and the communities you serve.

For more information, please email us at or call 206-624-1221.

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