The Challenge

Alzheimer’s disease is a devastating degenerative disease that causes memory loss, challenging behavior problems, and severe functional limitations. 13.8% of older AAPIs across the nation reported an increase in confusion or memory loss, the second highest of all ethnic groups. The prevalence and incidence of Alzheimer’s disease and related dementias within AAPI communities is still not well understood, but projections suggest that the disease is rapidly increasing. Unfortunately, dementia long-term services and supports remain inaccessible to many AAPIs and their family caregivers across the nation.

What We Do

Through technical assistance to aging organizations and advocacy with policymakers, NAPCA strongly encourages disaggregated data collection across all systems, including federal agencies, state and local agencies, healthcare organizations, community-based organizations, and private sector entities. The collection, analysis, use, reporting, and dissemination of disaggregated data collection will enable greater knowledge of the impacts of Alzheimer’s disease and related dementias (and other chronic conditions) across AAPI subpopulations.

The Impact

Alzheimer’s disease is the most expensive disease in America, costing more than cancer and heart disease. In 2017, the direct costs to care for those with Alzheimer’s will total an estimated $259 billion, with nearly one in every five Medicare dollars being spent on someone with the disease. Increasing age is the greatest risk factor for Alzheimer’s disease, and AAPIs are the fastest growing minority group in America. By better understanding how Alzheimer’s disease and related dementias impacts unique AAPI subpopulations, service providers will be capable of efficiently allocating scarce governmental and other resources, and more effectively serving our rapidly growing and diverse AAPI older adult population. Closer examination of any chronic condition through disaggregated data will highlight how the improvement in information quality supersedes the burden and costs.

13.8% of older AAPIs reported an increase in confusion or memory loss, the 2nd highest of all ethnic groups


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