Mature Workers

The Challenge

Mature workers tend to be dependable, reliable, and resourceful, bringing valued experience and knowledge to the workforce. In addition to these attributes, AAPI mature workers often bring multilingual capabilities. Despite these advantageous aptitudes, AAPI mature workers face unique challenges in the workplace. For example, one’s education and work experience are not always transferable from one’s home country to the U.S., and limited-English skills can make it difficult to find employment.

What We Do

Through two mature worker employment programs – the Senior Community Service Employment Program and the Senior Environmental Employment Program – NAPCA harnesses the experiences and unique skillsets of mature AAPI workers through placement in community-based organizations and government agencies.

The Impact

NAPCA reinforces the economic security of AAPI older adults by employing over 1,100 mature workers across America. Through these programs, AAPIs and other diverse populations learn employable skills – such as English literacy, environmental conservation, hospitality, computer skills, and customer service – thus reducing barriers to obtaining and retaining permanent employment. Community-based organizations and government agencies also benefit by enhancing existing services or building new capacities with the help of the mature workers placed at their agencies. The dual nature of NAPCA’s mature worker programs is critical and ultimately benefits the community-at-large.

Success Story: Mr. B.

I came to America as a refugee from Laos. The executive director of Lao American Community Services (LACS) called to ask if I was interested in getting some training. That is how I got involved with NAPCA. I learned how to fax, scan, email, Skype and use the computer to improve my typing and English. I can type in English, Lao and Thai. I enjoy helping my community members that come to LACS to get the help they need. In the next five years, I would like to set up a class to teach Lao American children their language, tradition and culture.


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