Learn About COVID-19 in Your Language

NAPCA is not a health care provider. These recommendations have been gathered based on recent Centers for Disease Control and Prevention guidance and information provided by the Administration for Community Living. For additional information, please review the CDC.gov website or view NAPCA’s resources section with additional national and state specific information. 

Home Covid-19 Vaccination Information

☏ English: 1-800-336-2722

Những Điều Quý Vị Cần Biết

☏ Tiếng Vit: 1-800-582-4336

新型冠狀病毒 (COVID-19) – 您需知的資訊

☏ 廣東話: 1-800- 582-4218

COVID-19 – 您需知的资讯

☏ 普通話: 1-800-683-7427

コロナウイルス について知(し)っ ておくべきこと

☏ 日本語: 1-800-398-1117

여러분이 알아야 할 것들입니다

=☏ 한국어1-800-582-4259

COVID-19 – Ang Mga Dapat Mong Malaman

☏ Filipino: 1-800-593-8087

COVID-19 – Lo que usted necesita saber

☏ Español: 1-800-948-3844