We Care Episodes

We Care Episodes

Project Background – Narrative Change Grant Program
• This Narrative Change Grant Program seeks to increase public awareness of the unique makeup of AANHPI families, both biological and chosen; to foster dialogue on how caregiving is practiced in our myriad and diverse cultures and how caregiving situations within the AANHPI community inform our understanding of a wide range of societal challenges as well as potential solutions to those challenges.
• Through this program, we will spotlight narratives centered on caregiving in the AANHPI community, lift up the complexities involved in that caregiving, and the ways that our caregiving situations impact our views on various issues and our inclusion in civic life.

Execution – Production of four We Care Episodes
• From January to November 2023, we successfully produced four compelling episodes of “We Care,” each showcasing a distinct AANHPI family—Thai, South-Asian, Filipino, and Hawaiian-Chinese. Filming took place in diverse locations, including Texas, New Jersey, and California. The collaborative efforts of the NAPCA team, consisting of Benny Lai, Clayton Fong, Rose Back, and Annora Zhang, closely guided the producer in shaping engaging storylines, facilitating story collection, and ensuring seamless execution.
• As of early December 2023, all four episodes have been completed, eliciting immense satisfaction from the NAPCA team. Excitement surrounds the project as we embark on promoting these episodes to the community.

We Care caregiving documentary series (click on links to view):

Episode #1: The Shahanes: Cedar Park, TX

Episode #2: The Sintumuangs: Edison, NJ

Episode #3: The Herrs: Los Angeles, CA

Episode #4: The Woo-Ockermans: Hemet, CA