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In the News

NAPCA President & CEO David L. Kim Speaks on Behalf of Elders Who Are Suffering
October 27, 2021


The latest FBI report shows anti-Asian hate crimes rose by 72% last year. A new FBI report shows what many Asian American activists, community organizers and leaders already know: Hate crimes against Asian American and Pacific Islanders are up. The report shows anti-Asian hate crimes increased by 73% last year, with 279 reported incidents.


DAVID L. KIM: These numbers are completely underreported, and I think that this is a start.

David L. Kim is from the National Asian Pacific Center on Aging (NAPCA). The organization just started a new online reporting system with 29 languages to track attacks geared toward elderly AAPIs.

KIM: Reporting without retribution, without fear, that is only this way that we can start to get more of an accurate count.

Hate Crimes Against AAPI Elders Underreported
September 1, 2021


NAPCA launches anonymous online reporting form accessible in 29 languages to address violence against AAPI elders.


AARP X APAICS Real Conversations: The Impact of Family Caregiving on AAPI Communities
July 29, 2021


NAPCA Vietnamese Helpline Counselor An-Thuy Duong shares her personal story and experience caring for late ailing father. Watch the conversation with AAPI family caregivers to hear about challenges of caregiving during the COVID pandemic, with/without culturally relevant services, the cultural barriers that impede providing for the best care, how love is expressed, and more.

#StopAsianHate: Advocating for Our Elders
May 6, 2021


NAPCA President & CEO Joon Bang joins an AARP panel led by VP of AAPI Audience Strategy Daphne Kwok to discuss anti-Asian hate and the impact on our elders. Watch the full panel discussion.

NAPCA CEO, Joon Bang Discusses the #StopAsianHate Movement
March 24, 2021


FOX SOUL’s Black Report covers the latest news: The panel sits down with president and CEO of the NAPCA, Joon Bang, to discuss the recent spa shooting in Atlanta and the ‘Stop Asian Hate’ movement.


How Aging and Legal Services Providers Can Better Serve AAPI Older Adults
June 23, 2021


Asian American and Pacific Islander older adults are a diverse community with many unique needs and specific issues. Unfortunately, the AAPI community has been met with longstanding discrimination and xenophobia, including high-profile attacks in recent months. Many of these incidents have disproportionately targeted AAPI older adult women, based on potential perceptions of vulnerability at the intersection of age, gender, and race.

Culturally Informed Policy and Programs with and for Asian and Pacific Islander Older Adults
March 3, 2021


California Department of Aging’s Ensuring Equity in Aging Webinar Series: Culturally Informed Policy and Programs with and for Asian and Pacific Islander Older Adults

Close to Home: Stories of Health, Tech and Resilience (Aging King County)
January 5, 2021


NAPCA outlining its programs and resources in King County of WA State.

– Emiko Ormsbee | Manager, Community Resource Helpline

– Jenna Holzberg | Regional Project Director, SCSEP

– Teresa Cheung | SCSEP Case Manager


House Committee on the Judiciary: Hearing on Discrimination and Violence
Against Asian Americans

March 18, 2021


NAPCA testifies at House hearing on Discrimination & Violence Against Asian Americans. Read the full written testimony here.

Social Security Subcommittee Hearing on “Equity in Social Security: In Their Own Words”
June 15, 2021


NAPCA employee Mrs. Prepedigma ‘Cora’ McDonnell testifies before the House Ways and Means Committee, sharing her personal story as a Social Security beneficiary.


  • Julian Blair, Social Security beneficiary from Washington, DC Testimony

  • Elba Lopez, Social Security beneficiary from Philadelphia, PA Testimony

  • Cora McDonnell, Social Security beneficiary from Seattle, WA Testimony

  • Kitty Ruderman, Social Security beneficiary from Queens, NY Testimony

  • Mary Widmier, EdD, Social Security beneficiary from Houston, TX Testimony


40 for 40: NINFA COOK, SCSEP Participant
April 23, 2019


Ninfa, a cancer survivor from the Philippines, shares her journey to the United States through employment challenges, medical struggles, and finding connection through NAPCA’s SCSEP support. NAPCA was founded 40 years ago on November 1, 1979 to address the divide between AAPI elders and the services they were entitled to. In 40 years, NAPCA has directly served tens of thousands of AAPI elders and indirectly provided assistance to approximately 100,000 more. These stories are from current enrollees with NAPCA programs, sharing how they came to NAPCA and how NAPCA has impacted their lives. Please click the link below to see more about our campaign or to make a donation for the future of aging Asian American and Pacific Islander seniors.

40 for 40: Sothy Neou
May 28, 2019


Sothy Neou shares his story from surviving the infamous Khmer Rouge of Cambodia to seeking employment in the United States. Sothy’s story is one of courage, perseverance, and determination.

40 for 40: Jieren Zhan
October 15, 2021


Jieren Zhan shares her journey from mainland China and moving to the United States. She had to work in restaurants to afford tuition in the States. After getting the bachelor’s degree, Jieren worked for an Energy Corporation for 28 years until her company was taken over by another corporation. After Jieren was laid off, she found the Senior Environmental Employment(SEE) Program through her friend. Jieren is happy that while working for the EPA water department, she made many connections and gained skills. She was able to help other people and share knowledge through various certificates that she earned.

How-To Videos

Medicare Enrollment (Website)
May 25, 2021


NAPCA’s How to Series for Older Adults: Navigate Medicare Website and Online Enrollment to Medicare & Other Benefits PSA – All videos support auto-translate option to view subtitles in preferred language.

Creating a Gmail Account (Email)
May 14, 2021


NAPCA’s How to Series for Older Adults: Creating a Gmail Account (Employment) PSA – All videos support auto-translate option to view subtitles in preferred language.

Creating a Zoom Account (Video Conferencing)
May 25, 2021


Part of a video instructional series for older adults in partnership with the University of Washington’s School of Public Health.

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