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Elder Abuse Factsheets

Included within this series are factsheets that highlight:

(1) Six Ways to Care for Yourself When Caring for Someone with Dementia, in addition to information on (2) Emotional Abuse and (3) Neglect. These factsheets are available in Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Samoan, Tagalog, Vietnamese, and English.

They provide information on how caregivers for those with dementia can better take care of their well-being given the physical and emotional difficulties that can arise from providing care. High stress, isolation, and lacking social support increase the likelihood of abuse for older adults with dementia. These factsheets also explore topics of emotional abuse and neglect. We hope these resources provide AAPI caregivers much needed support so that those they take care of can also live a good quality of life.

We encourage community-based organizations and professionals who work closely with AAPI caregivers and older adults with dementia to use these. Each factsheet contains a space to list local resources, such as phone numbers and websites, that may be difficult for AAPI older adults who have limited English proficiency to access. This has been produced in collaboration with the National Center on Elder Abuse.

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